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Jennifer Sabatier

Jennifer Sabatier

In 1996, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. For over 20 years, I have worked in the nonprofit sector in both the program and development arenas. My work experience includes organizations and clients with programs and needs related to HIV/AIDS, single parents, at-risk and homeless youth, mental health, art education, mentoring, and basic needs and services.

Past and current projects include board and staff workshops for nonprofits helping to re-craft their organizations’s mission and vision, assess their resources & build capacity, and reinvent their organization, roles, and responsibilities to better serve their clients. I have trained volunteers, provided safety and empowerment education to youth, and facilitated diverse community groups toward common purposes.

I have studied Image Psychology at the Eidetic Institute of Austin for since 2005, and continue to utilize this experiential process to increase my own potential and that of the groups with whom I engage through experiential exercises. In the summer of 2015, I completed my Reiki II training. I became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist in September 2015 through the Grief Recovery Institute.   

My five children have been my greatest teachers. I embrace the adventures I have been invited into as their mother. I oil paint in my studio and write creatively as often as possible. I enjoy long, meditative hikes in beautiful places, and am grateful that I live in one. I enjoy time with my husband regularly, and am grateful for our partnership and his support every day.

In 2004, I suddenly found myself the single-parent of three young children. Having been steeped in the nonprofit social service world since high school and facing dramatic transitions in our family, it became clear that I needed to find a way to return to work that also allowed me to be present in my children’s lives. With the support of a wonderful network colleagues, and the experience of having worked both in the program and development arenas, my consulting company, NewBloomz was born.

I began consulting with nonprofit organizations providing programatic infrastructure, outcome measurement tools, prospect research, grant development, and donor reports. In addition, I facilitated workshops and training for boards and staff most often in the area of vision, mission, and strategic planning. Helping small to mid-sized organizations find new possibilities were the foundation of NewBloomz for nearly 8 years. As my company developed, so did I, and so did my family. I relocated, married again, and had two more children. With five children, three teens and two toddlers, NewBloomz took a sabbatical for a few years, only serving a few clients. A period of great change, loss, grief, rebirth, and growth occurred for me personally during this time. Today, NewBloomz is the beneficiary of that deep learning, and it too has transformed. While I still work with nonprofits, I have shifted and centered my business services around development on various levels for a wider range of clientele. 

In October 2017, along side two friends and colleagues, I founded the nonprofit, The Greater Mercy Foundation. This partnership continues to unfold in ways that I never could have imagined. It is through The Greater Mercy Foundation that I have found a place to share healing practices and unfold deep relationships.

I am currently in graduate school working toward a Masters in Consciousness and Transformational Studies.